Flight attendant says pilots are never allowed to eat the same meals on board

When most of us hop on a flight, we’re too busy thinking about the destination, ordering as many drinks as the cabin crew will allow and enjoying the pre-holiday giddiness.

But, for those who are afraid of flying, it can be a completely different experience, questioning and catastrophising over everything that could possibly go wrong.

Fortunately, though, one flight attendant has alleviated one potential nightmare, by explaining a secret aviation rule which exists purely to keep passengers safe.

Every flight crew is made up of two pilots – a captain and his first officer – but it turns out that while crew also get to enjoy a mid-flight meal on their shift, the two pilots are not allowed to order the same meal as one another.

“Did you know the captain and first officer are not allowed to eat the same meal on a flight?” Emirates flight attendant Dani asked on TikTok.

“This is to ensure that if the meal is contaminated, and the captain or first officer gets sick after eating it, then the flight deck who had a different meal should still be okay and able to operate the aircraft.”

Yep, it might sound pedantic, but the rule, which dates back to the very early days of commercial aviation, means that a bout of food poisoning or sickness should never get in the way of a safe flight.

“Imagine them sitting and arguing over who gets chicken and who gets pasta,” one TikTok user joked.

Meanwhile, another flight attendant pointed out in the comments that this rule no longer applies to all airlines, however they claimed it is still the case with a number of major airlines, such as Emirates and British Airways.