American woman asks Brits what Wetherspoons is – and they didn’t disappoint

An American woman has gone viral after she asked Brits to explain what Wetherspoons is.

Baffled Claire took to TikTok, where she’s known as @clairefromwhere, to ask users what’s so good about Wetherspoons – and she received the best responses.

In the video, captioned: “HELP AN AMERICAN GIRL OUT PLS/THX,” she asked: “Can someone please explain what Wetherspoons is because I keep seeing it everywhere.”

“And I know it’s not like a specific bar or specific pub, but I just— I don’t get it,” she continued.

Before adding: “What is it?”

The video quickly racked up more than 5,000 likes and 1,200 comments from Brits who all made reference to the cheap drinks and food and how the toilets are “3 miles away.”

One person said: “It’s like Maccies but they sell cheap alcohol and the toilets are in another country.”

Another person wrote: “It’s the second stage of a night out. 1st stage is pre-drinks at home, 2nd stage spoons warm up, [3rd] stage – out.”

A third viewer alluded to the occasionally sticky floors: “It’s a bit like having Velcro on your shoes and they have a base cape and team of Sherpas for when you need the loo.”

“Cheap drinks in every single one no matter location. No music. Ages 18-24 and 60+ attend. Must perform a heist before using the toilet,” wrote another commenter.

In a follow-up video, Claire asked people to explain what the deal is with the restrooms, to which someone explained: “They usually put them in the basement down about five sets of stairs, a nightmare in heels and when you drink.”

Someone else then joked: “I had a friend who got lost on the way to the toilets. He was missing for 7 days!! We found him the next Saturday barely alive.”