‘Meat-loving’ dad demands daughter pack her bags after finding Quorn in freezer

After a recent bout of bad food poisoning from chicken, Hollie Woodall from North Yorkshire was “totally put off” the idea of eating meat.

She decided to try her hand at becoming a pescatarian and headed to the shops to stock up on some Quorn.

However, her meat-loving dad was horrified to find packets of the meat substitute in his freezer at home and got to work scheming up a cruel prank.

Paul Woodall sent his daughter a message telling her to pack her things and get out of his house, branding Quorn the “vilest thing he’s ever tasted”.

The 58-year-old ‘big beef fan’ went on to tell her: “Being gay is fine no problem, being a little cow most of your life, I can live with that…”

But his daughter giving up meat for this alternative?

Apparently, that’s “beyond forgiveness”.

Bar manager Hollie, 34, admits she originally panicked as she only saw the first text telling her to get packing – however, was eventually left in “hysterics” when the picture of the Quorn loaded and she realised it was a joke.

Seeing the funny side, she decided to take hilarious photos of her putting the Quorn products into a suitcase and heading out of her family home.

Another snap shows her dad looking disgusted as he holds up the veggie products.

Speaking about the whole thing, retired mechanical engineer Paul, said: “I’m a meat lover and a big beef fan – I like my steaks and my joints.

“Somebody gave me Quorn years ago and I thought it was the vilest thing I’ve ever tasted and haven’t touched it since – it might have improved by now but I’m still not going to eat it.

“She knows I hate anything like that or substitute stuff because everything I buy is fresh – I don’t buy anything frozen and like everything natural.

“We’re a very close family and I just make light of everything as I like to see them smile – we’re like this all the time anyways it doesn’t matter what it is.

“I just thought it would be funny if I sent her that and it seems to have gone crazy and I’ve carried it on for a bit – it’s all light-hearted and we have a good laugh out of things.”

Hollie shared the texts received from her dad on Facebook and her friends were left cracking up over them.

She added: “The Wifi was bad and the first picture didn’t load so all I saw was ‘pack your things and leave immediately’ and I was like ‘what?’ and then it loaded and I was just in hysterics.

“As soon as he sent it to me I screenshotted it and posted it because I thought it was hilarious – I was just sat at work howling.

“My dad is just a joker and takes the mick out of me for everything – we’re always winding each other up and stuff.

“I’ve been dieting since November and lost over two stone and have been finding ways to get more protein that isn’t meat as I’m trying to get into being vegan.

“My dad doesn’t understand all that he’s old school and just takes the mick.”